Research and litrery efforts dept. Organises Orientation Program in Panjim



An orientation programme was organized by the Research and Literary Efforts Cell of Jamaat e Islami Hind Goa at Student’s Centre Miramar. The program started with Tazkeer-bil-quran by Maulana Zafar Alam Nadwi based on surah Maaida in which he emphasized on the responsibilities and duties Almighty Allah has stated for us.He also stressed on the contribution towards literary front in the cause of Allah.
The program continued with the inaugural words by Mrs.Meenaz Bhanu -Secretary , Research and Literary Efforts in which she put forth the purpose of the programme and the need for intellectual contributions by Muslims. She also enlightened the delegates with the work of the Research and Literary Efforts Cell. She said in the couple of the years since the formation of RLE cell it has managed to translate and transliterate few books from Urdu to English. RLE cell has translated few children’s story books from Urdu to English. She said in the initial phase RLE has taken up translation of basic literature on Islamic movements to help the English speaking section to benefit from the content. She said the main purpose of RLE is to create print content on Islamic and contemporary subjects and present Islamic issues in the current world context and language.

Later Mrs Nazrana Darwesh presented a brief report of the works of Research and Literary Efforts in which she mentioned about the books published recently and the books which are to be published. This followed by a PPT by Mrs.Meenaz Bhanu explaining the difficulties faced during translation and transliteration and how to overcome them. The program continued with an open house session that dwelved upon creative means to contribute to the literary world. Suggestions for poems,rhymes,childrens books and research articles on issues facing Goan society were discussed.The program ended with a concluding note by Asif Hussain Secretary Jamaat e Islami Hind. In his concluding address he emphasised the need for the community to contribute academically and create intellectual content to regain world leadership.
He said in each home there are research scholars waiting to be groomed and inducted into the world of academics if the career path is planned by parents at an early age. He appealed to all to work tirelessly to contribute to the world of knowledge. Jb Irshad Shaikh convened the program.


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