Condolence meet held for Marhoom Sarfraz bava




Ameer e Halqa , JIH Goa jb Abdul Waheed Khan addressing the members and workers of JIH GOA , SIO and GIO Cadre at the “Condolence Meet” for Sarfaraz Bava


Sarfaraz Bava ( 1980-2016)

Sarfaraz Bava State Secretary of Jamaat-e-islami Hind Goa left this world to meet his Lord on 6th July 2016. The Idd day accident at Mangalore proved fatal. He was 36 years old and in common understanding too early to leave this world.

His association with Islamic Movement in this short life has been remarkable. His association with Islamic movement began with SIO in the year 1999 when he became its member. In a short period of time he was elected to the Zonal Advisory council of   SIO in 2005-06 and thereafter the Zonal President of SIO in 2005-06. During his association with SIO he was effective in contributing to the growth of SIO in Goa. He was one among the first batch of SIO Members in Goa. He was one of the best  dedicated and committed individual that Jamaat benefitted from among the SIO cadre in Goa. He was instrumental in organizing and introducing SIO programs  in colleges and the  only University in Goa. The 25th Anniversary celebrations Of SIO-India  in Goa was accomplished under his leadership.

Soon after retiring from  SIO, he applied for Jamaat membership in 2011 and since then has been a contributing to the mainstream Islamic tehreek. He has left an undeniable impact on the lives of many who came close to him. His concern for the Islamic cause  was so great that never was  he inclined to build his material career though he was  talented and a creative designer. He always gave preference to Jamaat over  personal life. He used his organizing  and creative skills  for the betterment of Islamic movement.  He was a silent daaee of Islam and as helped many to know and understand Islam.

In 2011-15 he was part  of the  department of  Shoba Dawat in Goa and his creative ideas,sound opinion and suggestions has helped in designing  dawah programs for specific target groups. Throughout his association he has proved to be an organizational man. He played a vital role in  setting up “standard operating procedures”  for the smooth functioning of the organization.

He was elected to the Zonal Advisory Council of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Goa in current term 2015-19 and was given the responsibility of  State Organizational Secretary under Ameer e Halqa, Jb Abdul Waheed Khan. His experience with SIO in his formative years was of immense help when he immediately started introducing “SOP” for the functioning of the various departments of Jamaat. When he realized that the plans of Halqa were not  communicated effectively and perceived differently by the cadre he introduced work co-ordination meets  within the JIH state secretaries and unit presidents. The fruits of his efforts  were realized soon when the grass-root cadre was as informed of the plans, programs, methodology and objectives of  each and every program as the zonal leadership. In his short tenure he has built the organizational structure of GIO and has helped the GIO members to develop organizational skills. The list of his contributions is unending.

In a short period of  fifteen months  as the state secretary he has optimized cadre utilization  and developed uniformity of thought and action among the cadre. He was focused, disciplined, committed and  at times demanding. His simplicity in life was noticeable to all.

Jamaat-e-islami Hind Goa has lost a very precious  and devoted Islamic worker. He was born  to Zainab and U.M.Bava  in 1980 in Goa. He   his survived by his wife  and  his 1 4 month old daughter.


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