Miss Aamna Khan elected as GIO State President


Miss Aamna Khan d/o Jb Aijaz Khan – Mapusa was recently elected as President of Girls Islamic Organisation Goa Zone. As she was settling down to shoulder the responsibility of GIO by seeking Allah (swt) guidance and help through prayers, she had yet another reason to thank Allah, for she just got the news of topping her final year B.Sc exams in Botany. Miss Aamna Khan is a student of St. Xavier’s College – Mapusa and she desires to pursue her studies further. We took the opportunity to meet her and congratulate her and pray for her to succeed in her responsibilities as the President of GIO. We managed to interview her over the phone and the short interview expressed her strong desire to make a difference to the society she lives in.

Firstly we asked her about her thoughts on becoming the president of GIO and we quote below her response and the entire conversation with Miss Aamna Khan.

Greetings of peace and blessings to all. Firstly , I would thank Allah (SWT) for rewarding me this position,
wherein I can serve and work for the upliftment of our society under the divine
guidance. And also to all the members of GIO who thought I was fit enough to shoulder the responsibility. May Allah (swt) reward them.
I would also thank my family for their constant support. We are a family of six; my parents , 3 sisters and a brother. In every step of my life my mom and dad have given me all the support I needed.
Who has been your pillar of strength in the family ?
Aamna Khan : My Parents off course but my elder sister, Mizna Khan is always there for me whenever I leave things undone behind me and she helps me in taking decisions and I often feel she understands me better than I do myself.

Can you tell us about your education ?
My schooling was at different places. After my 12th Std, I joined BSc
in Jabin College – Hubli. But the climate of Hubli kept my mother
unwell, so last year in July we shifted to Goa. With a lot of
difficulty I managed to get admissions at St. Xavier’s College Mapusa for my TY BSc, major in
Botany. My main interest is teaching, so was trying for B.Ed, but I did not
have 10 year domicile in Goa, so it was near to impossible and finally ended up completing B.Sc.
How long have you been associated with GIO ?

I am associated with GIO for the past 5 years in Hubli but due to busy schedule of college , I remained an associate only. When I came to Goa, I wanted to make sure that I always be under
Allah’s guidance and not even for a moment swerve from His path. And since then I have devoted myself to GIO and became its active member.

What message do you have for the girls in the society ?
My message to GIO cadre is, what so ever we do in word or deed, do it
in the name of Allah (SWT) and to please Allah alone. Seek Allah’s guidance in all matters of life and may our lives be epitomes of virtuosity and righteousness and so thought provoking that all
Muslim sisters as well as sisters of other communities join us
voluntarily for the betterment of our society and also for their own spiritual development. In shaa Allah.

Your parting words ?
I had not expected that I will be chosen as a president. I am in a
process of learning and improvising and I want the same with GIO cadre
in Goa. I seek the prayers of the elders and ask Allah for strong eeman and constancy in virtuous deeds.
I would like to share this with everyone. Before I do anything or make
any decision. I pray to Allah (SWT) that, if this matter is good for me,
in this world and in the here after, ordain it and make it easy for
me. If it is not then take me away from it, and take it away from me. Jazakallahu khair.


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