Mr. Asif Hussain Member Jamaat-e-Islami Hind and convenor of “De-addicting Goa” campaign was invited by the Dept of Social Studies, St. Xavier College Mapusa for a presentation on combating addictions.
The program was held at the St. Xavier College Seminar Hall. The program began with Inaugural words by HoD Dept. of sociology Mrs. Ubaldina Gomes. Later a testimony was given by a young adult who gave up alcohol and drug addiction. Mr. George Kuriakose Chairman Alcoholics Anonymous Panjim Group introduced the work of AA and said it was a one stop solution for all who wanted to quit alcohol.
Mr. Asif Hussain in his introductory words to the PPT said the objective they pursued during the campaign was to create an awareness among the opinion makers of the Goan society that alcohol was a problem in Goan society that cannot be brushed aside under the label of culture of Goa. He said anything harmful for the society cannot be part of the culture. He said it was also important to bring to the notice of the government the impact of the wrong tourism policies adopted by it along with the efforts of the alcohol companies to project Goa as a haven for sun, sand, drugs and alcohol. He said alcohol companies have targeted the large population of India and especially youngsters by sponsoring youth events and sports. He said it is a shame that many sports and youth icon in our country have no social responsibility as they are happy advertising for alcohol companies. He was critical of the families that served alcohol at home and on family occasions which helps the young to fall into the trap of alcoholism from a very early age. He then went on to elaborate the harmful effects of addiction on an individual, a family, law and order, women’s safety, society and the whole nation. The students of the St.Xavier College presented momentos to the guests.


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