“The Change we Desire” coffee table talk held in Vasco



A coffee table talk on “The Change we Desire”was organised at Vasco by Girls Islamic Organisation -Goa, Vasco Unit on 14 February .

The discussion was initiated by Miss Huma Makandar with recitation of verses of the Quran relevant to the topic. The participants, mostly students deliberated issues such as crimes against women., teen suicide, weakening parent- child relations, alcoholism and drug abuse, immorality and corruption in the society.  They were of the opinion that this situation needs to be changed. This is the real change that we should all desire.

Mrs Shaistha Shah took the discussion forward and raised the main reasons for such downfall in human behaviour.  Impact of TV , materialism,fast changing lifestyle , leading a life without reasoning its purpose and importance and accompanied by ignorance of  realities of life were concluded to be the main reasons for the current situation.  Few raised the issue of Valentines Day and  its celebration and said this was yet another ploy to market and increase sales of gift articles by Market forces.

The Girls resolved to unite and collectively work to bring the positive changes in their lives and others. The program concluded with vote of thanks.


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