“ The changing colors of Education and Our Responsibility” – Teachers Orientation program Organised by BIE GOA


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IMG-20151203-WA0016The Board of Islamic Education Goa successfully conducted two simultaneous programs one each in north and south Goa for teachers and educationists with the theme “ The changing colors of Education and Our Responsibility”. The south Goa program was held at Gulmohar Baug ,Verna and in North Goa it was held at Bicholim Hall.

The secretary of the board Jb Mohammad Anis said that as the   major stakeholders in the education of the following generations the teachers had a crucial role to play in guiding the new generation. He said the program was an effort to orient the teachers with new developments in the field of education and understand the implications of the  regular changes in the curriculum and syllabus  and its impact on students. While briefing the teachers in his inaugural address he said there are great expectations by the society  of  the teachers and the educationists to help  and motivate the community students to excel and pursue academic excellence. He cautioned the gathering of the fast changes in the educational curriculum especially the inclusion of communally biased content  which  will create a sense of alienation among the minority students  of all communities.

Jb Abdul Mobeen Asari emphasized the qualities of a teacher as derived from the lives of the  noble teachers sent by the Creator to guide and teach mankind. Quoting a saying of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) “I have been sent only as a teacher to you“, He said that they are the heirs of the prophet. He appreciated the efforts of the teachers in educating the new generation and moulding them to be responsible towards their parents and society and at the same time develoingp the spirit of enquiry to explore the nature  and harness its resources for the benefit of mankind. He said it is duty of each teacher to care for students and protect them from physical and mental harm.

Br. Altaf Shah at Verna & Br Asif Hussain at Bicholim in their Power Point Presentations brought forward various expects of the history of the changes in syllabus introduced at different times. He said vested interests have always wanted to wrestle for the  control of the educational system to indoctrinate the new generation with divisive ideology and biased history. He said  the fast paced changes being  implemented in the education department across the nation  is an area of concern for all . A slide on  implementation of sex education in schools he pointed out  that the solution sought for the problem is  not in sex education but else where but the sex  industry pressure does not allow the thinking to flow in the right direction for the right solution. He said the suggested solution  in sex education actually adds fuel to the fire.

The speakers for the program at Bocholim were Jb Samiullah Belwadi, Jb Akbar Khan –Zonal President of Students Islamic Organisation of India, Jb Asif Hussain and Jb Abdul Wahid Khan –Zonal president of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind – Goa Zone.

The program was hosted by Jb Asadullah Khan Pathan in Verna and by  Prof. Abdullah in Bicholim


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