Winter Vacation Camp organised for BIE Students


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BOARD OF ISLAMIC EDUCATION GOA Organised a 4 day Winter Vacation Camp for students from 25th to 28th December 2015.The Camp was held at the 7 units of BIE. The camp focused on practical training on ethical life experience and used movies to deliver the message across to the students.


The camp began with the recitation of Quran by BIE students and was followed by welcome address in which the purpose of conducting the camp was stated . The centre principal of each centre in their welcome address said the purpose was to facilitate the journey of the students in seeking Islamic knowledge .

Two movies were screened during the camp Hathim Tai and I AM KALAM. Hatim Tai was screened to introduce the adventure series of Hatim tai. I AM KALAM was screened to inspire students towards education. This was followed by interaction on the lessons learnt in the movie sessions.

The children were taken to an old age home to have an experience of life and conditions at Old Age homes and to interact with the inmates. The children also distributed sweets and biscuits.Post visit  there was an interaction session in which the students shared their experiences. Many students vowed to be caring towards their parents in future. The moderator later stated the present scenario of the society in which their own children are treating their parents as a burden and sending them to old age homes. It was also stressed that Allah forbids children to mistreat their parents and that treating them well is the key to attain Jannah.

During the camp few animated movies were shown to inspire students to be just and kind towards people and grow to be contributors to the society.
Tariq bin Ziyad was an animated movie on the life of one of the most just commander general from muslim history. This was followed by the interaction session in which students commented about the films and what they learnt from the films.

A session was dedicated to cleanliness in which some videos were shown about importance of keeping our surroundings clean and neat. Students were then told to clean the library & Islamic centre building.
Students were divided into teams and each team was assigned a particular area to clean. Later each team leader was asked to narrate the experience in team work and leadership challenges. Nearly 130 students participated in the camp.


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