The objective of the Jamaat is Iqamat-e-Deen. To move towards its attainment, it is imperative to analyse the circumstances. The Jamaat, in the beginning of each four year term, undertakes this exercise and plans its activities accordingly. For the Jamaat, the most deplorable aspect of today’s situation is that mankind in general has become oblivious of its relationship with the Creator, and has lost sight of Allah’s attributes, His guidance and accountability before Him. This ignorance has affected, in particular, those groups and individuals who are in positions of leadership and power. Consequently, people, in general, face the grave danger of utter failure in the life hereafter. Besides, the effective elements of society have all become agents of disorder and disruption rather than of reform and welfare.

Another noteworthy aspect of today’s situation is the all round deterioration in human values and ethical percepts; which constitute the essence of humanity. The whole society is caught is the web of dishonesty, corruption, injustice, and immorality. The legal system, education and media which were supposed to reform the society are themselves, contributing to this degradation. The basic reason of this drift is the materialistic world view, which ignores divine guidance.

An important element of the global situation is the dominance of neo imperialism and emergence of an unjust world order. International treaties and charters, as well as global institutions, have all degenerated into mere tools which promote imperialist interests. There are no viable measures available to protect the masses and the weak countries from imperialist oppression. The situation requires the emergence of a global and just world view which would have the capacity to inspire an equitable global order. It should infuse the masses with a new and vibrant sprit of freedom; so that they may rise as a powerful movement against imperialism and work for restoration of human dignity. The recent popular wave in the Arab world against despotic rulers, underlines the good prospects of the emergence of such a movement. The desire for freedom from local despots should ultimately evolve into a comprehensive liberation struggle from the clutches of global imperialism.

It is a bitter truth that our country shares almost all global evils. Ignorance of divine guidance, downfall in ethical values, and surrender before imperialism are the deplorable tendencies which plague our country, as well. The centuries’ old unjust social system which institutionalizes inequality is another major evil; which has deprived a large number of people of basic human dignity and their fundamental rights.

A powerful fascist lobby also exists which aims at destroying the rule of law and democratic institutions and seeks racial domination by creating undue hatred and enmity. Enough indications exist which point to the involvement of these elements in disruptive acts; for which they routinely blame innocent Muslim youth and put the whole community in the dock.

Certainly, our country has made material progress in a number of fields but narrow outlook and western concept of development have confined the fruits of development to the rich class only; they have not percolated down to the masses. Independence had highlighted the dream of a welfare state but this did not materialize. Even the symbolic slogan of welfare state was forgotten; the Indian state, instead of serving the masses, actually served the interests of local and global capitalists. Victims of unjust social order had also hoped for real freedom and an end to the centuries old system of oppression. Such hopes were belied. Western ideologies failed to root out the ancient injustices; they could not change the minds and hearts. Today, latest technology and communication means exist side by side with the worst possible oppression. Sometimes the new technologies have strengthened the existing unjust order.

A number of well intentioned movements exist which are working for eradication of corruption, safety of environment, restoration of human rights, and socio-economic justice. However, these movements have been largely ineffective; for they have ignored Divine guidance. Besides, they are usually rooted in western idiom and do not possess any coherent ideology nor a system for reforming people’s mentality.

The situation calls for efforts by God fearing and sincere well wishers of humanity. They should rise to the occasion, educate people, promote healthy values in society and make necessary changes in the political and legal systems to save humanity from the all pervading ethical crisis.

The Muslim community, in particular, is charged with the responsibility of changing this situation. Undoubtedly, the community has faith in Islam and there are signs of its awakening. The younger generation has shown increasing awareness and self confidence. There have been significant efforts towards educational and economic betterment; which deserve appreciation. In spite of these positive developments, the community has not yet become fully conscious of its mission and status. The real definition of the Muslim community is that of custodian of Divine message. On the one hand, the community must live according to the Divine guidance, and on the other hand, it must guide people in general towards the right path and become the live witness to truth. At the moment, the community lags behind, in both respects. Consequently, it has lost the position of leadership of mankind and has degenerated into an aimless, backward group. This lapse on part of the Muslim community has harmed the whole humanity; the human caravan has lost its way and is wandering in wilderness.

The Jamaat emphasizes the need for restoring the Muslim community to its true position and awaken its sense of mission. Only then, it may reform the existing national and global situation. The world, as a whole, may then turn from the path of destruction towards the road to success; provided the Muslim community indeed transforms itself into the “best community”. It should actually become the witness to truth. This responsibility requires it to convey the Divine message to human beings along with simultaneous efforts of reforming Muslims.

To all seekers of truth, Islam must be presented as the alternative to existing ideas and systems; which has the potential to liberate mankind from the prevailing evils and which ensures real welfare and success for all. In this background, the Jamaat has formulated its policy. The following are the important aspects of this policy:

a.   Invitation to all human beings to turn to their Creator and accept His guidance; presentation of Islam as the only alternative before humanity.

b.   Restoration of the character of Muslim community and awakening its sense of mission; revitalization of Islamic system of TAZKIYAH (purification and education).

c.   Comprehensive efforts for promotion of the universal ethical values, in the human society.

d.   Inculcation of a popular desire for liberation from imperialism

e.   Restoration of human dignity, on the basis of unity of God and unity of man.

The Jamaat-e-Islami Hind intends to work whole heartedly on the above lines, for bringing about healthy changes in the prevailing situation. In this endeavour, it expects the cooperation of all well wishers of humanity. It seeks the blessings of Almighty and prays for success.