Tazkiyah (purification and growth) of its adherents and internal consolidation will receive the primary attention of Jamaat. Jamaat would give particular attention to propagation of the message among the people of the country. It would give attention to comprehensive reform of Muslims, in order to establish a truly Islamic society.


In the light of its policy, Jamaat would continue its present activities. However, in the current term, it would pay particular attention to the following issues and invest its resources and energies in order to achieve tangible results:

1.   Dawah

Jamaat would emphasize that Islam is the only way to achieve individual salvation and success.

2.   Islamic Society

Islamic teachings about family would be spread and Muslims would be persuaded to mould their families in accordance with the Islamic ideal.

3.   Community Issues

Jamaat would work for educational and economic betterment of the Muslim community. For this purpose, it would undertake awareness campaigns and institution building.

4.  National and Global Issues

Jamaat will continue its struggle against capitalist exploitation and present the Islamic system as the alternative. It will raise its voice against corruption. It would reiterate the fact that corruption can be effectively countered only by cultivating faith in Allah and sense of accountability before Him on the day of judgement and by developing effective checking mechanisms.

5. Service to Humanity (Khidmat-e-Khalq)

Jamaat would pay particular attention to acquaint people with government and non-government welfare schemes in regard to education, health and economic enterprise; it would guide them to benefit from these schemes, within the limits prescribed by Islamic Shariah. To counter economic backwardness, it would promote institutions of micro-finance.

6. Tarbiyah

Jamaat would pay attention to Tazkiyah of its adherents, particularly to the purification of heart. People will be urged to seek the guidance of others who may by better in ILM (knowledge) and TAQWA (piety). They will also be urged to undertake self-introspection.

7. Organization

Situation of weak zones and units will be examined by systematic study and causes of slow progress will be identified. In the light of such studies, planned efforts will be made to strengthen the weak units.

Jamaat would pay particular attention to expansion and consolidation of activities among women.


With due attention to policy and focus issues, the following targets will be achieved:

1.   Dawah

The message of Quran and of the Prophet’s model would be conveyed to people of the country, especially the influential sections among them such that at least five times as many people get well acquainted with the message of truth, as the number of members and workers of Jamaat.

2.   Islamic Society

Islamic teaching on family life will be widely propagated so that Muslims, at least ten times the number of Jamaat’s adherents, may become fully acquainted with them. All efforts will be made to put these teachings in practice.

3.   Community Issues

a.   Gainful employment will be provided to needy Muslims; to at least as many as Jamaat’s adherents.

b.   For educational betterment of the Muslim community, at least 500 institutions will be established (e.g. primary schools, adult education centres, open school centres, distance education avenues, etc.)

c.   The standard of at least 20% of educational institutions, associated with Jamaat would be improved to ‘A’ level of performance.

4.   National and Global Issues

a.   Islamic teachings in regard to establishment of justice, eradication of corruption and freedom from imperialism will be disseminated widely so that Islam becomes a focus of debate in mass media and in academic circles as well as at popular level.

b.   Jamaat would educate the public and policy makers in favour of Islamic banking to pave the way for its actual introduction.

c.   For protection of civil rights and legal aid and guidance of people, an institution will be established in each state.

5. Service to Humanity (Khidmat-e-Khalq)

In at least one backward locality of one fourth of its units in each zone; Jamaat shall, with the help of likeminded individuals, institutions and bodies, strive to provide facilities of education, health and hygiene and micro-finance.

6.   Tarbiyah

a.   In every unit of Jamaat once in three months and in every zone once a year, a TAZKIYAH meet will be organized, focusing on purification of heart.

b.   Jamaat’s adherents will chalk out their individual Tarbiyah programmes and identify personal targets; under the supervision of local Amir.

7.   Organization

a.   All Jamaat units would achieve the required level of organizational strength and unity, to the satisfaction of Zonal Shura.

b.   Planned efforts will be made in five metro cities to make the Jamaat an effective social force.

c.   In at least 10% of the units in each zone, the organization would be so strengthened that effective participation in local bodies’ polls, may be possible.

d.   The number of workers would be increased two fold.

e.   Women’s departments in local units would be increased two fold.