All Goa Parenting Workshop Organised by BIE


A two day parenting workshop was organised by Board of Innovative Education for the parents of Islamiyat weekend Class students. The program was held at Islamic Centre Mapusa on 1st and 2nd October 2019.

The program began with Tazkeer Bil Quran by Janab Akbar Khan who explained the wisdom of Hazrat luqman AS from the Surah luqman. In the inaugural address, Janab Mohammed Anees (Secretary, Board of Innovative Education,Goa) explained that BIE shall focus on Parenting, Teachers Development and Develop Children’s Reading culture in the coming 4 years In shaa Allah. He also expressed his concern over the world focussing on 3 areas of child’s development – Physical, Mental, Cognitive Development. Spiritual development is missing. And its very important for the overall development of a child. The purpose of having this event is to ensure parents get the right guidance in terms of overall development.

The main speaker for the two day workshop was Janab Abdullah Javed Saheb. He is the founder and Chairman of AJ Acaedemy Raichur. On the first day the first topic was an interactive session on the topic Islamic guidelines for parenting. The speaker, Janab Abdullah Javed and the parents opened up their views in detail on the physical, moral, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development of a child. At the end of the topic the speaker explained the five qualities required for parenting, that is sense of responsibility, clear vision, consistency in training, discipline and dua. The second interactive session on the first day was on the topic parenting principles and techniques. Janab Abdullah Javed Saheb explained how a Muslim parent can train their children according to Islam and Quran. He also explained the rights and status of parents in Islam. The other speaker for the day was Dr. Heena Sayed. A psychologist by profession,she presented a ppt on different aspects of child psychology. She also gave solutions to parents for better understanding of Children’s psychological behaviour. At the end of the last session of the first day, the participants were divided into groups and given group study of a book, Happy Family Life.

The second day of the two day workshop started at 10 am with Tilawat e Quran by Janab Jamal Akhtar Sahab. The representatives of the study groups presented the study of outcomes of the book one by one. The second topic of the day was 21st century challenges and the way out which was presented by Mohtarma Farheena Hussaini, member Jamaat e Islami Hind Goa. She showed concern over the growing attachment of children to the virtual world over realistic world. The children of 21st century spend more time with cartoon characters than people around them. Thus they adopt the values from the character they watch repeatedly. She also explained that patenting is a continuous process with 4 necessary factors parents need to inculcate to overcome such challenges namely Respect, Trust, Appreciation and Love.

The third topic of the first session was Prophetic way of parenting by Janab Abdullah Javed Saheb. In this session the groups were given few ayats from the Quran and a Hadith related to parenting. A questionnaire was thrown on the five topics referring Prophet Ibrahim as, Prophet Yaqub as, Hazrat Maryam as, Hazrat luqman as and Prophet Muhammad( peace be upon him). There was a group discussion and the representatives presented the answers discussed in the group. The third session was an interactive session on the topic Characteristics of Righteous Generation in which a PPT was shown. The outcomes of Hakeem luqman’s advice was presented in broad perspective. Intense passion, prayers, patience, consistency and adaptability are the key qualities required for parents to bring about desirable changes in their children. In the last session the parents shared their Impressions and future ambitions after experiencing the workshop. The concluding address was conveyed by secretary BIE, Janab Mohammed Anees. He said a muslim parent should work towards the Upbringing of their children for the Mission of Islam. As parents, we invest everything for our children, a big investment. Not only money but, time, talents, sacrifice too. The main objective of this investment is to create individuals like sahaba who revolutionised the world. One should plan accordingly towards this mission and follow the Guide book on Parenting that is Quran and biography of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). I


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