Writing and Illustration workshop Organised for BIE Panjim Students


Writing and Illustration workshop

The BIE unit of Panjim took the opputuity to organise, on the 25th of August 2019, a ‘Writing and Illustration’ workshop for the students of BIE. Held as part of their Personality Development Class, this workshop introduced to the children the skills of writing and drawing. Team TZP was assigned the task of conducting this workshop. It was decided to invite professinals from the respective fields to guide children with correct and relavant information and skills.
The workshop was held at the Students’center, Miramar and by two young professionals, Nida Sayed (Senior Reporter of Times of India) and Esuff Mataji (Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator). Apart from the 35 students of BIE who took adavantage of these workshps, we also had 6 non-BIE children attend the same.
The program started at 10.30 am with a breif introduction of both resource persons. The air was charged with excitement and activity and children were keen to attend both workshops. Nida Sayed began her writing workshop while Esuff Mataji conducted illustration at the same time, with the age group from 6-8 years. He taught this group, the basics of drawing.
Both experts shared valuable tips in their respective workshops. Nida, extremely cordial and likable, sparked the interest of the kids and shared many interesting tips on writing. She held their interest through the games she designed to get them into poking at their brains, to come up with original and imaginative narrations. Although the nuances of structure writing were not covered in the workshop, this was a great start for getting the kids to get started on writing.
Esuff on the other hand gelled along superbly with the kids of all ages. For the 9-14 year olds, he taught basic rules of sketching, elements of design, shading techniques and the rule of thirds. The children learnt some very interesting techniques and took home a lot of new ideas.
The program ended with a Vote of Thanks and tokenof appreciation to both members of the faculty.


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