BIE Organizes Teachers Orientation Workshop


Teachers workshop report

Keeping the teachers updated is imperative to the growth of the teachers. A workshop is a great way for teacher’s to learn new methods and skills and implement the same for the betterment of the students.The Board of Innovative education had organized a two day orientation workshop for the BIE teacher’s and Principal’s on the 7th and 8th of September at Margao.Its objective was to expose teacher’s to new ideas and learn how to incorporate different learning strategies and techniques
The workshop commenced with Tazkir bil Quran by Maulana Nadvi The resource person for the workshop was Dr Kazim Malik who is a lecturer as well as psychologist counselor.

Areas covered during the workshop :
Advance lesson planning
Effective teaching and learning strategies
Identifying the special student in your class
And team teaching.

The 2 day workshop was broadly divided into 4 sessions.
On the first day, The resource person familiarized the teachers with the concept of lesson planning to strengthen the teachers in planning and visualizing the lesson.
Teachers were made to work in groups and were asked to present a lesson.
He further briefed us on blooms texonomy and thought us of different methods and approaches that can be applied while teaching.

On the second day, he mainly focussed on the various disabilities in children and how to identify the same.
Inorder to understand the effectiveness of the program, a questionnaire was given to all the teachers.
The workshop gathered their inputs and suggestions on different topics. The teachers enjoyed the process of teaching as well as learning.
At the end of the workshop, a feedback was requested where the members of the house shared their views and experience.d


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