Seerat un Nabi (S) Program for Ladies Held at Margao


The program began with the beautiful recitation of Quraan from the surah maidah verse no 3,5,6,7 by sister Gulnaz.
Then the President of Margao unit sister gulzar Parveen took the charge of inaugural address,where by she recited an ayaah from the glorious Quraan..and quoted a sayings of ummul momineen Ayesha r.a.where by she was asked about the character (akhlaq)of rasool s.a.w?for which Ayesha r.a said haven’t you read Quraan? Verily the character (akhlaq) of rasool s.a.w was quraan.(sahih muslim )later sister gulzar Parveen said we muslims should adopt the way of our prophet s.a.w in every aspect and phase of our life and this is the ultimate victory.

Then the program headed towards the main topic for the day that is the seerat of Muhammed s.a.w, his role in every aspect of life and with every human being..
She began with an beautiful ayaah from the quraan, from chapter tawbah verse no 128.
She quoted many ahadeeth and small incidents from the life of prophet muhammad he took care of he used to feed hungry and poor…how he took care of his non muslim neighbours…and non muslims under his protection ,how he gave them their rights…etc..
She quoted a hadeeth from the last sermon of nabi s.a.w from hajjatul bidaa..nabi s.a.w said”o people i m leaving behind two things for you all after me, one is the quraan and the second is my sunnah..who ever holds it firmly will never go astray.”.
Sister Salma Makandar also said that we muslims should set an good example to non muslim friends, neighbours and in our society.As done by our prophet s.a.w
She stressed on role of a muslim women as a mother,wife ,daughter and as a daee.she said it’s women’s duty to change our home and society into a better place to live,and she should be a role model..she further said that we women’s have limited our duty and ibaadah only for 5 obligayory prayers .fasting and so on,she also sends her children’ for arabic classes (madrasa) and she thinks thats enough to be a gud muslimah..
She said to bring people closer to eachother we must develop a gud akhlaq within us..
She then concluded her talk by asking Allah s.w.t to grant the understanding of Deen to all.

Then Ayesha Numa from JAC recited a beautiful tarana which was actually a refreshing to all the audience present in the auditorium..
The program was concluded with a dua by sister ruksana(teacher from jamiat us salihath ) Margao.

More than 115 audience attended d program.


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