1.   Dawah

The Jamaat shall undertake Dawah activities to acquaint fellow countrymen with the basic Islamic concepts of monotheism, prophet hood, life after death and their implications. The Jamaat would convince them that Islam is the only true path as well as just and humane order, which ensures success in this world and in the life hereafter and rejection of which is liable to lead to ultimate failure in both worlds. It would endeavour to acquaint them with the irrationality and harmful consequences of polytheism, atheism and other false ideologies and ways of life, as well as the ill consequences of moral turpitude. It would clarify the Islamic concepts of unity of mankind, human dignity and equality of man, to make possible the liberation of people from racial, linguistic or regional narrow-mindedness and chauvinism. Efforts shall be made to remove the misunderstandings about Islam, Muslim and the Islamic movement.

2.   Islamic Society

The Jamaat shall strive to highlight the true and comprehensive concept of Islam, underlining its impact on individual and collective life; in order to awaken in the Muslim community, the concern for hereafter, urge to seek Allah’s pleasure and devotion and obedience to the Prophet (peace on him). Accordingly, the Muslim society and family should be moulded to reflect Islamic values. People’s conduct should be free of defects in thought and action, and impurities of SHIRK (association of partners with Allah) and BID’AH (unwarranted innovation); and should be in accordance with Islamic teachings. Muslims should become alive to their status of being KHAIR-E-UMMAH (the best community). They should unite on the basis of Islam to become witness of truth and discharge the responsibility of Iqamat-e-Deen (establishing the Divinely inspired way of life).

3.   Community Issues

The Jamaat shall strive for Muslim community’s safety and security, protection of its religious and cultural identity and its educational advancement and economic betterment, on the basis of Islamic principles. It would also persuade Muslims to make collective efforts towards these goals.

4.   National And Global Issues

a.   Guided by Islamic teachings, the Jamaat shall strive for establishment of equity and justice in the country, removal of oppression and injustice, protection of basic human rights, attainment of social, economic, political justice and promotion of moral values.

b.   In the global arena, the Jamaat shall espouse freedom from political, economic and cultural imperialism, as well as liberation from despotic rule and oppression. It would support the establishment of just global order and world peace. It will support the mass movements in the Muslim world, working for reconstruction of the society on Islamic bases. The Jamaat shall, according to its capacity, work for the substantive unity of the Muslim world and strive to protect it from the western designs.

5.   Service To Humanity (Khidmat-e-Khalq)

Service to humanity is an important religious duty. The Jamaat, within its means, shall work of eradication of poverty, sickness, illiteracy, hunger and deprivation. According to its capacity, the Jamaat shall strive to provide succour for the sick, the disabled, the needy, the orphans and widows, the afflicted and oppressed; irrespective of class or creed.  It shall also persuade the Muslim community to undertake these efforts. It shall motivate individual efforts, in addition to collective endeavours.


6.   Tarbiyah (Education, Purification, Development, and Training)

The Jamaat will make comprehensive attempt for all round intellectual, practical, moral and religious development of its adherents and for the refinement of their capabilities. It will strive to strengthen their bond with Allah and inculcate in them a concern for the Hereafter and sense of devotion and obedience to the Prophet (peace on him); so that they might become sincere followers of Islam, devoted workers for establishment of Deen and embodiments of sacrifice and perseverance in the true path.

7.   Organisation

The Jamaat will pay due attention to its organizational setup, so that the leadership at all levels, may diligently discharge its responsibilities. Arrangements will be made for better planning, evaluation and introspection. Jamaat will promote the ideal of Rahmaa Bianahum (i.e. the believers should display kindness towards each other) and its adherents will develop the quality of Bunyanum Marsus (become a well knit group).