All praise be to Allah the Almighty, who alone is the Creator, Sustainer, Master and, Ruler of the universe. He created man to serve Him. He appointed him as vicegerent on the earth. He sent messengers, to guide mankind; the final messenger was Mohammad (peace be upon him).  All messengers of Allah had an identical mission, termed as Iqamat-e-Deen by Quran (i.e. the establishment of the way of life revealed by God). The Muslim community (Ummat-e-Muslimah) has the same mission.

The Jamaat has been striving to establish Islam in its totality, in all aspects of human life individual as well as collective; from the reform of inner self to the external world.

Islam delivers man from the veneration of all but Allah, as well as from the slavery of human beings. It invites him to accept the worship of and submission to one God. Thus, he may save himself from displeasure and punishment of Allah and earn His pleasure and blessings in the life hereafter. This is the natural path for mankind. In addition to individual salvation and success, it also presents the natural and correct solution of human problems. It provides to all section of society, the best means of equity and justice, welfare and reform, progress and prosperity, irrespective of race, region, or language.

The Jamaat is of the firm conviction that Islam alone offers the best and most suitable solution to the problems faced by our country, including the crisis of thought and action which has gripped the ethical, social, economic and political aspects of life. The Jamaat wants to establish that very Islam, in the country.

The Jamaat, for attainment of its objective, is bound principally by the Quran and the prophetic model (Sunnah). In the light of these sources, the Jamaat adopts ethical, constructive, peaceful, democratic and constitutional means. It refrains from such activities, which are opposed to truth and honesty, or which are likely to provoke communal hatred, class conflict or social disorder.