BIE Children’s Library Inaugurated at Sanquelim


Board of Innovative Education Sanquelim unit organised a program on the occasion of the inauguration of Children’s library. The program was held at Shah House on 15th December 2019.
The program started with Tilawat e Quran by student Wazeed Aga and followed by an inaugural address given by the Ameer e Muqaami of Sanquelim unit, Jb. Shabbir Shaikh, speaking on the importance of reading and motivating the parents to encourage the children to read books. The students along with their principal and teachers organised a Dua which was sang by the students of level 1 and 2, followed by a skit which was done on the topic ‘Importance of reading and how it develops a nation’. It was further continued by a Naat by Bilal, Affad and Sufiyan.
Further, the chief guest of the program Janab Wasim Choudhry projected their views on the importance of reading and how books are the best companion. The concluding address of the program was given Asif Hussain. Speaking on how parents should encourage their children in books reading and how books will help them in every aspect of their life. Further the chief guest inaugurated the children’s library and all our guest had the view of our newly established library. The students of level 3 presented Book review where they were reviewing any book of their choice to the guests. Simultaneously there were food stalls, which were selling the foods mentioned in the Quran and also there were book stalls which were handled by the teachers which contained books by parents.
The aim of the event was emphasise on the importance of reading and also highlighting the creative aptitude of students and also create a culture of reading.


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