“Muhammad (saw) : The man who changed the world”


“The present day leaders need to study the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and understand his life, mission, methodology and achievements to change the present condition of the society” said Mr Asif Hussain -State Secretary of Jamaat e islami Hind Goa at a program held at Islamic Centre Ponda on the topic ‘Muhammad (saw) : The man who changed the world’ on Sunday 11Nov 2018.

In the power point presentation he presented the analysis of the reformation and revolution of the basic beliefs of life ,worship and rituals, outlook to life and the relation with the Creator undertaken by the last prophet amongst the people of the world.
He said that Prophet(saw) reformed every aspect of human life. A complete transformation of spiritual life,
social life ,structure of economy, educational mission, political system, family life and every other aspect of human life was completed in a short span of 23 years. The solutions he implemented in the society were permanent solutions for the reformation of the world on the basis of true perspective of life and the vision of life which he presented was beyond this life extending to the life hereafter. The simple and practical teachings of the Prophet(saw) is the much needed prescription for never ending problems faced by mankind.
Br. Akbar Khan convened the program and Jb Riyaz Jamkhani proposed the vote of thanks.


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