SIO and JIH Panjim Organise Iftar get Together for NGOs


13528541_984515261662288_2004569317124837538_o13558832_984514818328999_7106719552394030167_oStudents Centre Miramar and Jamaat e Islami Hind Panjim organised an Iftar get together for members of the Social Justice Action Committee (SJAC) at Students Centre Miramar-Panjim.
The gathering were briefed about Ramadhan and the purpose of fasting by Maulana Abdul Mubeen Asari. He said the month of Ramadhan gets its special status only because in it the Holy Quran was revealed. To many of the guests it was a first experience listening and interacting with a Maulana. Maulana took the opportuniry to introduce the basic beliefs of Islam and said that Muslims believe in One God and all his messengers including Abraham, Moses and Jesus peace be upon them all. He said Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the last of the many Prophets of God. He said all the Prophets bought the same message I.e to worship the Creator alone , lead a life in accordance to the divine guidance and prepare for the accountability on the day of judgement.
All the Members is SJAC and members and staff of SCM broke the fast with Kajur (dates)and refreshments. Mr. Abdul Wahab Member Jamaat e Islami Hind welcomed the guests. Prof. Alito Sequeira, Mr. Dadu Madrekar, Adv. Albertina, Adv. Talman Pereira, Prof. Augusto Pinto and Mr. Stalin K were present for iftar get together. Adv. Vasudha Sawaikar and Prof. Alito Sequeira thanked the Management of Students Center Miramar and also appreciated the information on Muslims and especially the month of Ramadan and fasting.


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