HRS distribute “Sehri Kit”


Humanitarian Relief Society  has been striving for past many years to play the role of comforter  and creating solutions to daily problems of life faced by the economically weak sections of the society. Be it educational aid and guidance , medical need  or family counseling and even  basic needs of life, HRS has taken many initiatives to address these issues.

Though Goa boasts of a good GDP there are still many people who face many hardships in making two ends meet. The ever increasing cost of life has burdened many and in this month of Ramadhan  HRS has launched the “SEHRI KIT “ program and reached  out to 93 families in Mapusa and Margao. The kit consists of rice, sugar, dal, oil, kajur ,moong, Atta,tea powder, chana and other items. The workers first identify  families during their field trip and later short list the most deserving and needy especially widows with no family support.

Each kit costs  Rs 2100/ and an additional Rs 300 in cash is given to meet additional needs. Kind hearted people from the society come forward and contribute towards this cause. Mr. Bashir Naik is the co-ordinator for the “Sehri Kit” program in Mapusa and in  south Goa  Moinuddin Khan.


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