BIE ORGANISES “Heros of Islam” Camp for Boys



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Board of Islamic Education Goa organized “Heroes of Islam” Camp for boys from 17th to 19th September at the Islamic Centre Goa, Mapusa.

The theme of the camp was designed with a purpose to introduce the real heroes of Islam who contributed in the History of Islam and achieved success in this life and in the hereafter. In an era where every teen has a hero whom he looks upto and tries to emulate his life accordingly, it was necessary to differentiate between media hyped heroes vs the real heroes who have contributed immensely  to the cause of Islam.

The camp highlighted 22 heroes from various categories of islamic history and showcased their life and their contribution to the Islamic cause. The Heroes included the  Prophets life, Khulafa-e- Rashideen, Muhaddiseen, The Imans, The Brave Leaders, The Scholars and the revivalists.

Apart from these, the camp also had important topics like education excellence, peer pressure & campus life, modern day addictions & its impact on our life, Akhaaq, Quiz Competetion etc

Students from across Goa Participated in the  3 day residential Camp.


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