Status of Women in Islam


The Mapusa Muslim women’s federation successfully organised a symposium on the topic ‘Status of Women in Islam’ on 13th Jan 2019 at Islamic Centre Goa, Mapusa.
The speakers present were Mrs. Rizwana Swalehati (Tabligh Jamaat), Mrs.Sameera Kazi (Sunnatul jamaat) and Mrs. Shaheen Khan (Jamaat e islami hind Goa.)
The program began with tilawat e quran by Mrs. Farida Beig. It was followed by inaugural address by mrs. Afreen Khan. She explained the purpose of forming Mapusa Muslim Women’s Federation. She said the federation is formed for reconstruction of society. She further said “We will work to create an exemplary Muslim society which could be idlefor other communities”. “The federation will also tackle the problems faced by our women and families and for training our children on strong Islamic principles in spite of vices in society”.
Mrs. Rizwana Swalehati highlighted the life of women in the history and how they were considered a burden on society. She said that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought a revolutionary change in the society. He created such an environment that the birth of girl child brought glad tidings and she achieved a respectful position. She also said that Allah has not overburdened women. She is not responsible to be a breadwinner.
Later Mrs. Sameera Qazi spoke about the atrocities on women in today’s world and said the solution for this will be found only in Islam.
Mrs Shaheen Khan focused on Nukta e Adl (balanced view) pertaining to rights of women. She said that women should be given rights on the basis of Islamic ideology. She further said that the intellect, skills and all the good qualities of women should be necessarily used in the reconstruction and upliftment of society but at the same time she should not be exploited and must not be a victim of crimes and atrocities. Muslim Women should play a pivotal role to establish such balance in the society and at the same time get acquainted with knowledge of Islam.
Programming concluded with Dua.


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