Two day tarbiyati camp for all Goa women’s wing organised



Jamat e Islami Hind, Goa conducted a two day tarbiyati camp for all Goa women’s wing at the Islamic centre in Mapusa.
The program was attended by approximately 80 ladies.
Day one began with Dars e Qu’ran of Surah Ad-Dhariyat, verse number 56 wherein Allah reminds mankind that the sole purpose for which the entire humankind and jin were created was only for His worship. Mrs Afsha Khan explained the verse in detail with references from Hadeeth as well.
Mr Abdul Wahid Khan, the President of all Goa Jamat e Islami Hind, gave the keynote address. He said that the program intended to bring together all the ladies associated with the Jamat and remind them about their responsibilities. He further mentioned a verse from the Qur’an which described the state of those who while entering Jannat, would be happy about having chosen the right course to please Allah while they were in the world.
Molana Mubeen Asari conducted an open house session during which he took the audience through the entire journey of the Jamat since its conception. He reminded about all the ordeals which the people went through to establish the Jamat in India.
At the end of the first session Mr Asif Hussain, the all Goa secretary of Jamat explained the importance of obedience to the ameer. He put forth very precisely that obedience to the ameer was obedience to Prophet Muhammad(saw) which in turn shows obedience to Allah.
Session 2 began After a short break for Namaz and lunch with Pearls of wisdom by Mrs Sana Fatima where she explained very beautifully about ones relation with Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala. She said that the first thing seen in a person who has a strong relationship with his Lord is the firm belief in the Oneness of Allah or Tauheed. She mentioned all the qualities with which one is blessed by Allah when tauheed enters ones heart.
Mrs Shaista Shah conducted an open house about discipline. She stressed that discipline was very important especially for people who belong to an organization like Jamat e Islami Hind and plays a vital role in taking them to their final destination which was Jannat.
Balancing between deen and dunya which many people find difficult in today’s busy lifestyle was very well put forward by Mrs Shabana who elucidated that it was each womans responsibility fulfill the role given to her in a balanced and by not getting trapped into temptations of the temporary world.
All topics of session two were summarized by Mrs Shahida Khan.
The day ended with a speech on ‘the upbringing of children’ by Molana Mubeen. He quoted verse 6 from Surah Tahreem which reminds the believers to protect their families from the chastisement of the hellfire. He further quoted a hadeeth which mentions that the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) said that ones wealth and children were nothing but a test in this world.
The second day commenced with the Dars of verse 92 from Surah Al – Imran. Mrs Nazmin Khan stated the importance of spending in the way of Allah and what Allah promises the believers in return.
Mr Abdul Wahid Khan in his brief talk explained the importance of striving in the cause of Allah. He quoted the verse 71 from Surah Taubah which states what the believing men and believing women are allies of one another.
Mr Abdul Wahid continued about the same in the next topic on working together hand in hand. He reminded the audience about the last sermon of Prophet Muhammad(saw) when he said that no Arab is superior to a non Arab and no white is superior to a non white. He stressed on the fact that workers of Jamat should keep aside all the differences and fight against the evil forces and march forward towards achieving the goal set by Jamat.
The audience was very well motivated in personality development session in an Islamic way by Mr Ateequr Rahman. He mentioned about the pyramid of development and said that the complete development or the highest level of development was ones spiritual well being. Without spiritual development a person is not complete even if one is blessed with the best personality. And as workers of Jamat all must upgrade themselves with all the possible skills and utilize them for the cause of Islam.
Mrs Farida Banu Baig spoke about the life of Maryam Jameela. She explained all the struggles of her life and said that her life was an example for everyone who wishes to please Allah.
To keep oneself equipped with the day to day happenings Mr Asif Hussain showed a very informative PowerPoint presentation. He emphasized on the importance of reading the mouth organs of Jamat. He highlighted the important facts which were to be considered while watching news or reading the newspapers.
After a break for Namaz and lunch the last session for the two day camp began with a very inspiring life of Mrs Mehmooda begum Maududi. Mrs Tabassum spoke about the different instances from Mrs Maududis life and said that if each worker should inculcate a few of those qualities within themselves.
Mrs Sana Fatima explained verse 9 from Surah Zumar wherein the Qur’an mentions about those believers who know the truth expounded by Allah are not equal to those who have not been equipped with the truth. It was the attainment of the true knowledge of Allah which separated them from the rest.
A beautiful line from a poem written by the famous poet Allama Iqbal about setting high goals in life was explained by Mr Asif Hussain.
Mrs Shahin Khan in an open house highlighted the facts which were the signs of the true love for The Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). She said that true love for the Prophet was to be shown by doing righteous actions done by Him and by following the Sunnah.
Ameer e halqa Mr Abdul Wahid Khan in his concluding words said the the program aimed to elevate the level of taqwa within each and every member who attended the camp. He motivated all the attendees and requested them to continue the work with the same spirit.
The session ended with a dua by Mrs Farida Banu Baig.


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