Margao (30/01/2013): ‘Stop Projecting Goa as an Alcohol Destination’ was the message of the public meeting on De-Addicting Goa organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Goa at Lohia Maidan, Madgao attended by a 1000 people. The public meeting was the concluding programme of the month long campaign and was addressed by religious leaders.

Maulana Muhammad Iqbal Mulla, National Secretary, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind said, “Let not that day come when Goa would be projected and promoted as prostitution destination”. Maulana emphasized that the Quran says, “Alcohol is the mother of all evils”. “The value of revenue earned through sale of these addictive substances is much less than the humanitarian loss and the loss the society would incur in the long run”, Maulana expressed. Quran prohibits alcohol and addictive substances and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) implemented this policy in Arab which then would manufacture 250 types of alcohol and made the Arab world alcohol free society.

Shree Brahmeshanandcharya Swami Maharaj, Vidhyaman Pithadhishwar, Tapobhumi reiterated, “Goa is a beautiful land and let it not be promoted as alcohol and abusive substance destination”. He demanded from the Government, “Stop the use of alcohol at all government functions and stop promoting alcohol through specialized programs. He emphasized several times, “Addiction attacks the intellect of human beings, thereby making him a useless creature and nobody wants him”. Addressing the youth and students, Swami said, “the students should ridicule their companions who drink alcohol as peer pressure is the best remedy for any reformation and change”. In the interest of the families and society at large, voices against alcohol and other addictions should rise, he added.

Rev. Father Savio Fernandes, Executive Secretary, Council for Social Justice and Peace expressed, “Country is looking for peace as it is constantly fighting various addictions”. He added, “Alcohol, gambling, tobacco, internet addiction, etc are destructing families and then the society”. “The religious leaders should take the initiative and alongwith the help of NGOs fight against the menace”, he appealed.

Mrs. Ayesha Salam read the resolutions that were passed by the gathering. The resolution included pressurizing our assembly to uphold the directive principles as stated in article 47 of Indian Constitution. Mr. Asif Hussain inaugurated with the welcome address while Samir Khan presented the Vote of Thanks. Maulana Zafar Alam Nadvi read the verses from Quran to begin the program and Mohammed Anis compered.


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