BIE Organises Session on Effective Parenting





Margoao Centre Of Board of Islamic Education arranged a effective parenting session recently at Abrar Masjid Hall.

The programme commenced with recitation of the Quran from surah Luqman. In her Inaugural address Mrs. Gulzar Asif stated the need for such sessions on effective parenting at regular intervals. She said the parents today are facing new challenges by the day and they need to be abreast with latest developments in the field of parenting. She also stressed the role the weekend classes play in grooming the child with high ideals and morals.

Mrs. Farheena hussainy gave tips on how to bridge the generation gap between parents and children. She said it was important to communicate with the child and help the child seek solutions through them instead of through the peer group. She said it was important to be loving and considerate and avoid dictatorial attitude and approach.

A PPT was shown by Mrs. Meenaz Bhanu covering all aspects and responsibilities of parenting right from pregnancy to the late teens and thereafter. Instilling values in children start at a very young age and the spade work for an ideal adult is laid during childhood before reaching 8 years of age, she said.

A Question & Asnwer session was held to clarify doubts and later the concluding Address by Mrs.Saira banu stressed on the importance of parents behaviour and character in moulding and grooming the child. A total of 70 mothers attended the program.


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