‘EK RAATH ISHWAR KE SAATH’ – A spiritual Night Organised by CSPH



The quest for inner peace, tranquility in life and solace for the soul is as old as human history. Man has sought different means to achieve spirituality in life to face and address the challenges and difficulties in life. In spite of material progress and technological advancement of this era, mankind is still in search of the elusive peace and balance in life.

‘EK RAATH ISHWAR KE SAATH’ was one such attempt by The Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Humanities (CSPH), to explore and understand the approach and attitude towards life, that may lead one closer to the end of his search for peace. The programme was based on the principles and values emphasised in the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H).

The programme was held at The Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Humanities on the 21st Ramandan, 16/06/2017, the first odd night

An inter community iftaar get-together marked the start of the programme. Muslims offered the magrib prayer soon after breaking of the fast.

Convenor of the programme, Jb. Samir Khan, continued the programme with Tilawat and video of Surah Al Rehman. Maulana Mubeen Al Asri, presented the Inaugral address. Prof. Sayed Abdullah conducted ‘Divine Discourse’ on verses of the Quran that cleary stated the noble position of Man amongst all of the creations of God.He said man is the vice-gerant of God on earth and His trustee.He said mankind is accountable before God for his life on earth. This was followed by dinner. Post dinner, Bro. Asif Hussein gave a presentation on ‘Spirituality Explored’. Mr.Asif said the spiritual heart the centre of emotion and reasoning does get affected by various illness. In his presentation he said the love of the world at the cost of ignoring God Almighty and his guidance is the main reason for discord in human life.He said spirituality can be acheived by complete submission to the will of the Creator made known to mankind through the Quran and the last prophet Muhammad.
A space for meditation was designated at the centre for those who wish to contemplate and reflect upon the reality of the world. The programme ended with a long supplication by Maulana Mubeen Al Asri, who prayed for the blessings and peace for entire mankind and our country. At the end, the Muslim brothers offered ‘ Tarahwih’ (the special late night prayers of Ramadan).


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