“ Concept of Ramadhan And Zakat” held at Masjid- e- Noor, Vasco


Maulana Abdul Mobeen Asari was the guest speaker at the program on “ Concept of Ramadhan And Zakat” held at Masjid- e- Noor, Alto Dabolim. Br. Abdul Wahab Member Jamaat-eIslami Hind in his inaugural words expressed the need for such programs to be held in advance much before the start of the Month of Ramadhan to enable all to prepare and plan for the it. Introducing the the Guest speaker to the audience from across Vasco he welcomed the gathering and thanked all present  for accepting the invitation.

Maulana Abdul Mobeen Asari spoke lucidly and explained in detail the concept of fasting and asked the audience to imbibe the same spirit of fasting as did the first generation of Muslims. He said Fasting was a period of training of one’s will power. Denying the body its basic needs of food, water and sex from sehri to iftaar for a month helps one to train his will power to enable him to overcome and suppress the calls of baser self  in Ramadhan (Nafs e Ammara). He reminded the gathering that the act of worship of Fasting was a special act as this is not noticeable by others around the fasting person and hence has no element of hypocrisy attached with it. The collective and common period of training for all the believers  helps create an environment conducive for virtuosity.

Later in the talk he detailed the importance of Zakat and how it helps in the  circulation of wealth in the society. He said an economic system based on zakat and charity will help do away with ill-effects of capitalistic economy.

Br.Asif Hussain was invited to present a PPT on the zakat initiative by Jamaat-e-islami Hind. He brought to the notice of the audience the features of the Goan society and situation and issues of Muslims in Goa.   He detailed the activities of Jamaat –e Islami Hind Goa in addressing these issues faced by the Muslims. He said Jamaat has provided the millat with various platforms to contribute their talents and resources. He said jamaat has a systematic and organized method to collect and distribute the zakat fund in the prescribed eight segments. He  referred to the imbalance  present among the millat towards the disbursement of zakat Fund with only 2 or 3 heads getting the attention and rest of the heads in  zakat distribution being ignored. He informed the gathering of the Zakat initiative by Jamaat and asked them to support and contribute to the efforts and baithulmaal  of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

Maulana Mohammad Aslam Nadvi concluded the program with prayers for  peace in the world and helping all to gain from the month of Ramadhan towards the path of self reformation.


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