Istaqbal e Ramzan program at masji-e-Noor


The Women’s Wing of of Jamaat-e-islami Hind  organized  a program  ushering the Month of ramadhan at “ Masjid e Noor” alto Dabolim . The program was an effort to remind the believers the significance of Ramadhan and an orientation  for the mental preparation for the month.

Mrs. Shaistha Shah Co-ordinator of Women’s Wing Vasco presented a discourse on the verses of the Quran  highlighting the significance and Purpose of fasting in the month. She said the purpose of fasting is to acquire God- consciousness, which helps us in becoming responsible members of the society. She emphasized that this is also the month of the Quran  as the Quran was revealed as a book of guidance to the entire mankind. She appealed to the gathering to make best use of this month by studying and  reciting the Quran accompanied by generous deeds of charity.

Mrs Nazmeen Khan Member Jamaat-eIslami Hind spoke about the relevance and importance of “Zakat” the third pillar of Islam. She stated the eight different categories  mentioned in the Quran , that are eligible to receive Zakat funds. She lamented the fact that unfortunately the community as whole spends generally  the zakat fund on only two categories  and ignores the remaining six categories. In her address she raised the issue of lack of awareness of the centralized distribution of zakat funds and asked all  to equip themselves with  the knowledge of zakat system and how  it helps solve the problems of poverty and economic injustice. Mrs Salma Makandar spoke on the benefits of fasting  for an individual as well as  the society. She said Ramadhan was the best opportunity for all to reform themselves and instill  piety and  God- consciousness  amongst themselves. The program was compeered by  Mrs Sameema Asif .

Similar programs were   held at New- Vaddem and Islampura and Vasco city




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