Girls Islamic Organization- Goa organized a orientation program for new associates in Cansaulim-Goa on Sunday 7th July 2013. The program was well attended and volunteers from Dabolim and Vasco participated. Mrs Shaistha Shah and Saleha asif were the special invitees for the program. Mrs Shaistha Shah in her readings from the Quran stressed the importance of  understanding the Quran and developing a righteous character based on the principles of the Quran.  Mrs. Saleha Asif  emphasized on the importance for each one to have a plan for their lives. She detailed how one can plan for the approaching month of Ramadhan and use the discipline of the this month to lay the foundations for spiritual and social progress. She asked the associates of GIO to emulate the first generation of Muslim women  who played a significant role in the progress of Islamic civilization and  learning.

Miss Amna Khan –President of GIO Goa  introduced the organization and the role its plays in uniting the girls for constructive purposes based on the guidance  from the Quran and the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw). She said the  social environment has created an atmosphere of fear for young girls and women. She said  under the circumstances it was important to make every girl aware of their status accorded to them by  Islam and how it shall guide them to be successful  contributors to the progress of mankind. Miss Zeba Makandar compeered the program.


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