GIO President Ms Amrin Baig expresses herself with Zeba Pathan


GIO President Ms Amrin Baig expresses herself with Zeba Pathan.

What was the purpose of organizing the 7 day residential camp for girls?

Amrin Baig : The purpose of the camp was to acquaint young girls about the basic knowledge of Islam in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah,uplift their morals spiritually, remove misconceptions regarding Islam,to prepare them to face the world as strong and true Muslim women and ultimately gain Pleasure of Allah.

How successful was the camp?

Ms Amrin Baig : Its difficult to judge the success of the camp as it needs little more efforts to follow up with the girls progress and have them in our GIO team.

What were the difficulties you faced in organizing this camp ?

Ms. Amrim Baig : The only difficulty we faced was when a few resource persons  backed out at the last moment due to unavoidable circumstances. But Alhamdulillah Allah helped at that time when somebody else was willing to take up the task.

This camp has been rated as one of the best so far. To what and whom do you give the credit for it ?

Ms Amrin Baig : Alhamdulillah,All the credit goes to Allah(swt), for Allah’s Mercy and Help was throughout the camp through different  people who have been a part of this camp.

Like Amire Halqa and Molana Mubeen out of their busy schedules, helped us to pre-plan things meticulously before the camp.

The camp incharge Mrs. Saleha Asif and all the ladies of the Women’s Wing  too were very helpful.

Jamat’s Rufaka and Mustafa chacha and all the cooks n helpers have been very kind.

Allah made it a perfect team with all the GIO girls.

How did the girls benefit from the camp?

Ms Amrin Baig : Alhamdulillah, through this camp a remarkable thing noted was that the girls learnt to get connected to each other as muslims sisters.

They’ve learnt how they answer common and contemporary issues they face in their day to day life.

In short they have learnt the importance of Deen which will inshaAllah help them for a better life in this life and life hereafter.


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