JAC Girls Summer Camp Organised Across Goa



A summer camp was organised for the JAC (Junior Associate Circle) girls across the state of at various units viz Mapusa, Sanquelim, Vasco and Margao in the month of April by the Girls Islamic Organisation with the help of the Women’s Wing of Jamat e Islami Hind, Goa.

A total of 65 girls attended the camp.

The main purpose of the camp was to groom and train the girls who regularly attend the Sunday classes into responsible Muslims who would Insha’Allah in future contribute in the field of Islam.

The camp aimed to mould their characters in the best possible way so as to prepare the girls to face the day to day challenges they face as Muslims today.

The duration of the camp was for three hours for 4 consecutive during which some of the most essential and contemporary issues were discussed with the audience like – ‘day to day confrontation.

The programme included Tazkeer – bil – Qur’an with which the camp commenced every morning, open house discussions, power point presentations, biographies of renowned Islamic scholars, career guidance  etc.

The topics which the girls found most interesting were ‘Status of Women’ which was clearly explained by Mrs. Muneera. She beautifully explained how a woman should deal at every stage of her life and how the girls could grow into ideal Muslima’s.

Mr Asif Hussain in his outstanding presentation on ‘it’s my life’ explained how as teenagers the girls should tackle the problems they face and that life is a priceless gift given by Allah to each one.

The camp was a very useful and an enriching experience to the young minds as they promised to implement whatever they learnt in the camp into their lives.



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