In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Dear Parents,

Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

Summer Vacations are back here again and we are sure you are all set to plan for a rewarding and enriching holiday season.

Great transformations come with productive and creative use of time. Mature parents  take  pains to  mould their children and know the importance of holidays. Holidays can either add to a persons talent and character or might negatively impact his or her social behavior.

On one hand we live in a society where cultural aggression through educational system, media and entertainment  has negatively influenced our growing children.

Disrespect towards parents, aggressive behavior, depression, non-co-operation  at home, teen-love relationships and many more are common place in most houses. But on the positive side our girls have immense potential and can develop their personality very well provided they are rightly guided, informed and mentored.

Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) understands  the need to provide a platform and an avenue for parents to motivate, encourage and enroll their  daughters for constructive development of  their personality and mould their children as did Prophet Muhammed (saw) of his daughter Bibi Fathima(R.A) on Islamic principles.

The History of Islam is replete with examples of Muslim women in the forefront.  Sadly the present system of education  does not  cater to these needs but on the contrary  leads many astray.

As in the past years GIO shall be organising a three day residential camp in the month of May from from 27th to 30th May 2013  for girls  from 12th  class and above. The 3-day residential camp offers  your daughter an opportunity to experience an Islamic atmosphere, participate in the Salat, spend some time learning and acquiring knowledge of Islamic beliefs and practices, Muslim history, understanding the life of Prophet Muhammed (saw) and his Companions , developing interest to recite and understand the Quran. In brief the camp shall facilitate  development of an Islamic  personality and instill love for Islamic way of life.

We  appeal to you as a responsible parent to enroll your daughter/s  for this camp and evaluate the changes in your children and see the positive difference in the attitude of your children towards Salat and  academic studies, their approach to life and social issues and their behavior at home

Insha Allah.

Kindly  fill the enrolment form and  ensure an enlightening and educative summer vacation.

For  any clarification and more information

Please call:

Mapusa: 8888884687

Margao : 9823451004

Vasco     : 9420767269

Bicholim: 9226219646

Islamic Centre Goa

222/B/4, Bilwan, Pedem, Mapusa, Goa.


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