GIO holds Prize distribution function


T1 2 3 4 5he Girls Islamic Organization Goa (GIO) in association with Humanitarian Relief Society Goa held the prize distribution program at the ‘Students Centre Miramar’ in Panjim for the poster and essay competitions held recently. Higher secondary schools from  across Goa participated in the competitions. The objective of the competitions was to motivate  students  to express their outlook on current national issues .‘Rising above hatred’ and ‘Planet earth – past, present, future’ were the topics chosen for the essay writing  and the poster  competitions.

The topics were quite interesting and the vast majority of essays were impressive . The essays were scrutinized by Mrs Firdaus Sayed  Panjim based architect   and the posters were judged  by Mr. Abdul Wahab Shaikh, Secretary HRS- Goa  and Mr. Sarfraz Bawa (Secretary Jamat-e-Islami Hind, Goa).

It was pleasing to note that the  best entries showed evidence of wide reading of secondary material as well as good deployment of original sources in order to back up their arguments and good referencing of data and ideas. To boost the morale of young  participants and to appreciate their hard work and dedication, the panel of some esteemed people including Dr (Mrs) Shaheen Khaled Sayyed – a senior psychiatrist at the district hospital Mapusa, Mr Adam Khan – executive member of HRS Goa and Miss Shireen Qazi – Secretary of GIO addressed the students .

A  power point presentation was given by Miss Zeba Khan wherein she introduced GIO and  stated  its aims and objectives. In the presentation  the activities of GIO  in the past was shown and she said that GIo works  for the benefit of the whole humanity irrespective of caste and creed.

Mr Adam Khan in his brief speech introduced the HRS and its activities and said that members of the HRS voluntarily work solely for pleasing Almighty Allah and do not seek any material gain. He also highlighted future program to be launched by the HRS.

This was followed by the prize distribution.The 1st three winners in both categories were given a cash prize worth rupees 1500, 1000 and 500 each along with a certificates and books . The rest of the participants received certificates and books.

The following were the winners in the 2 categories:


1st prize – Miss Lisa Chaco (XI Science) from Baina Government Higher Secondary.

2nd prize – Miss Shifa Aga (XI Commerce) from D.M.C Higher Secondary.

3RD prize – Mr Vidal D’costa (XI Science) from M.E.S Higher Secondary.



1st prize – Mr. Mahesh Harijan (XI Science) from Baina Government Higher Secondary.

2nd prize – Mr. Saesh Mahale (XI Science) from Deepvihar Higher Secondary.

3rd prize – Miss Anaina Tricia Braganza (XI Arts) from Our Lady of Rosary Higher Secondary.



Dr. Shaheen then addressed the gathering where she first congratulated GIO for selecting very relevant topics. She further stated that students were the real asset of the nation, therefore, they must utilise their maximum strength by actively trying to eliminate the social evils they see in the society and how to practically bring about positive changes.

She also said that it was every individual’s responsibility and duty to protect and save planet earth and not to destroy it with their own hands.

The program finally concluded with Miss Saniya Malik who proposed the vote of thanks.



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