Rev Canon Antimo Gomes Foundation along with piety youth association organized a inter-religious meet on 17 may 2013 at 6 pm near our lady of piety chapel, Panzorcone,Cuncoilim.The speakers of the day were Acharya Shrimad Sadguru Brahmeshanand Swami Maharaja representing the Hindu community, Father Agnelo Pinhero represented the Christian  community and Jb Haji Altaf Shah from Jamaat-e-Islami Hind spoke about role of  Islam in ensuring Harmony in Human Life.

The theme  was” Living in Harmony and Radiate the Glow of Peace”

Prog started at 7 pm and Jb Altaf Shah  spoke first, He emphasized the importance of the belief in Tauheed , Risalat and Akhirat  in detail with Quranic quotes and also the status of Jesus Christ as mighty messenger of Islam and the respect and honor accorded to mother Mary in Islam. Father Agnelo Pinheiro spoke well and the Swamiji who traveled with his followers was very eloquent  as he spoke about One God who cannot be seen and has no form.

Swamiji also spoke of Jamaat e Islami Hind as a organization who wants to erradicate evils from the society and recollected his participation in a public program organised by JIH on “De-addicting Goa”

Father Mario Leitao the local parish priest was present and also the Cuncolim Masjid committee members were present. The Masjid commitee members were very happy and congratulated the speakers.

Almost 200 people attended  the programme.


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