Jamaat e Islami Hind -Margao Unit organizes a pre – marital counselling session


pre marital

Jamaat e Islami Hind Goa Margao took the initiative to organise  a pre-marital  counselling program  at al- aman complex, Margao. The ever increasing marital disputes and the impact of material culture has been a hurdle for a happy married life.The session was organized by the women wing to guide and help the to be   bride to understand the different aspects of  marital life.

Sister Shabana  Banu welcomed one and all and stated  the purpose of the program. Mrs.Saira Banu -Secretary- JIH Women’s Wing ,Mrs.Tabassum Haliyal -President, Women’s Wing Margao and Mrs. Farheena Hussainy -Principal, Jamiat-us-salihat  were the guest speakers  for the day. The topics for the day were “ Marriage in Islam” by Mrs.Saira Banu. She explained the importance and  purpose of marriage as stated in the  Quran and Sunnah. She highlighted it’s  importance by  saying  that the institution of marriage is the foundation of a civilisation. She said a society that does  not encourage marriage is doomed to fail.  She said marriage closes the door of vices.  She also outlined the role of a pious husband and a pious wife .   God Conciousness,purity,mutual love,loyalty and selflessness at all times is the key to a successful married life. She also specified the rights and duties  of the  girl before and after marriage. Her enlightening speech contributed in educating girls about the dignity that  Islam has bestowed on them.

Mrs. Tabassum in her topic “Naye Rishte, Naye Khushiyan” spoke about how a girl’s modest character can uphold the relations in the family. She spoke about how a girl should develop  qualities of co-operation,  patience , acceptance and make  adjustments  to  the new environment and  the new relation with in-laws. She said the first few years should be devoted to nourish  the  relation with her husband.

Mrs. Farheena Hussainy spoke about the qualities a woman must develop  in order to make the marriage successful . She said both the husband and the wife need to fulfill their responsibilities  in order to keep each other happy. Love, Faith,Respect,Caring, Kindness,Confidentiality,Trust are the important aspects for building relationships. A married life is successful only when both the partners have love and trust in each other.

In the question and answer session the girls clarified their doubts  and queries.

The 27 girls who   participated in the program expressed their appreciation of the program.


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