The hajj Journey

Maulana Rafique Qasmi Addressing the Hajis

Maulana Rafique Qasmi Addressing the Hajis


Islamic Centre Goa organized a one day “Hajj Orientation Camp” at Mapusa –Goa. Hajj applicants from all across Goa attended the camp. The day long program began with the recitation of verses from the Quran exhorting believers to visit the Makkah for the pilgrimage.
Maulana Zafar Alam Nadvi in the Quranic Discourse recollected the events in the life of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) and his sincerity of Faith expressed by his willingness to fulfill the commands of the Creator Almighty. He said the act of devotion by Ibrahim (a.s) was so liked by Allah (swt) that he made it a pillar of worship for all believers.
The special guest for the camp was Maulana Rafique Qasmi Markazi Secretary Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He advised the to be hajis that the spirit of Hajj could be regained if we study the Life of Prophet Ibrahim (as). He said the life of Ibrahim (as) was the epitome of sacrifices in seeking the pleasure of Allah. He reminded the gathering each ritual during the hajj has a significant message to our approach in life. Maulana Abdul Mobeen Asari in his power point presentation showed the historically significant places around Makkah and Madina that revolved around the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw).
In the question and answer session each individual both men and women had the opportunity to ask and clarify their doubts. The post lunch session was a practical session on hajj rituals. Later Maulana Fahad prayed for the acceptance of all the acts of worship including the hajj . Samiuallah Bailwadi compered the program and Jamal Akhthar sahib proposed the vote of thanks.


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